Rename a OneNote Notebook in Dynamics CRM

The integration of OneNote with Dynamics CRM was introduced in Dynamics CRM 2015 Spring release providing users with the ability to collate additional information/ideas pertaining to a record in a single location. This information can be in various formats, i.e. pictures, audio recordings and formatted text.

If you have attempted to use this functionality, you would have noticed that on creation of a OneNote notebook, the default name for the notebook is set to ‘Untitled’ and merely renaming the ‘Untitled’ Section or Page Title does not update the notebook name.

This blog post will cover a couple of options available to rename a OneNote notebook in Dynamics CRM.

OPTION 1: Delete untitled section and create a new section

  • Navigate to the record for which you wish to rename the OneNote notebook.
  • In the Activity Panel, click on OneNote and click to open the ‘Untitled’ OneNote notebook.


  • Delete the ‘Untitled’ Section. (Right click the ‘Untitled’ Section and click Delete)


  • Create a new Section in the notebook, enter the Section name and click OK. (This will be the same name you wish to rename your notebook to)


OPTION 2: Edit properties in Document Management library

  • Navigate to the record for which you wish to rename the OneNote notebook.
  • In the related record information, select Documents. (Related Info > Documents)


  • Click to select the OneNote notebook, and in the Action Menu, click Edit Properties.


  • Update the notebook name and click Save.


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