Introducing the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Interactive Service Hub

The interactive hub has been designed to simplify day-to-day processes and provide easy access to information while also delivering a richer intuitive and interactive dashboard experience.

The screencast will briefly introduce you to a few components in the Interactive Hub and then move on to a demo of the Interactive Dashboard experience.

Accessing the Interactive Service Hub

There are a couple of ways to navigate to the Interactive Service Hub.

One, by clicking on the Experience it now button in the notification bar or by entering the URL in your browser. The URL is different depending on whether you’re using CRM Online or CRM (on-premises) as follows:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises)

https://<your CRM Server>/<orgname>/engagementhub.aspx

Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premises with IFD)


Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online users

https://<CRM Server>


Navigation in the Interactive Service Hub

The Navigation is similar to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, and only entities that are enabled for the Interactive Hub experience will be displayed in the navigation.




Streams display data from views or queues.

Tiles provide an aggregated view of the data in streams.

Single Stream Dashboards have only one stream.


Multi-stream Dashboards have multiple streams.



Chart Types

The Pie, Bar and Line Charts can be used in the Interactive hub and the charts can be colour coded for fields containing a set of options. Additionally, there are two new charts types that have been introduced:

Tag Charts present data as text

Doughnut Charts display a relationship of a part to a whole



Dashboard Components

Dashboard Selector: allows navigation between dashboards

Refresh: refreshes data/chart components

Visual Filter: enables/disables the chart components on the dashboard

Global Filter: filters data based on the applied filter criteria

Timeline Filter: provides filtering of records for a specified period of time



Additional information on the Interactive Service Hub is available in the Microsoft User Guide.

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